LABOWI PROMOTIONS is a cultural project with the ambition to promote and support musicians from the Caribbean and giving them opportunities to meet-up, collaborate and create.

We features some of the most exciting jazz and world music artists from the Caribbean. We are featuring these artists on our website because we love them, we greatly admire their work and we feel that their music and their talent should be better known and be represented more often in festivals, jazz clubs and other concert venues, within and outside the Caribbean. Discover these musicians, their work, their beliefs and their current projects.

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Saint Lucian pianist/composer Richard Payne meets Haitian/American trumpeter/composer Jean Caze and Guadeloupean drummer Sonny Troupé in a rich musical encounter that expresses a strong sense of solidarity with and respect for the people of Haiti.

In this celebratory (not melancholic) concert, the three artistes bring to the gathering fresh perspectives from their previous work and new compositions from their upcoming solo albums, in expressions of solidarity to fellow Haitian artistes who remain affected after the earthquake, and as a tribute to the contribution of Haiti to Caribbean freedom and culture.

All three artistes who are geographically spread between Saint Lucia, New York and Paris have diverse yet complimentary musical styles and continue to make their own forays into the Contemporary Jazz/Urban/Caribbean Folk music scene, within and outside of the Caribbean area.

Richard Payne is the co-founder and bandleader of the Regional Caribbean Jazz ensemble Bluemangó. Jean Caze is a composer, music educator and performer who has opened for artistes such as Roy Hargrove and Wynton Marsalis. Sonny Troupé, an extraordinary drummer is the leader of the Sonny Troupé Quartet and a member of Trio Laviso.




bluemangoDriven by a hunger to shape their concept of contemporary jazz music with a perspective born out of their own life experience, Saint Lucian born artists and composers Richard Payne and Francis John decided to tap into the wellspring of the rich Creole heritage of their Caribbean homeland.


Accustomed to a diverse diet of Marley, Miles, Debussy, Jobim, Kassav and Corea, among others, groups such as the Yellowjackets, Ultramarine, Sixun and Weather Report nurtured their musical palate even further. An ever increasing fascination with Caribbean Folk music ultimately influenced the direction of the two young composers and in 2001 they embarked on a two-year odyssey of self discovery that would seek to integrate the indigenous, the smooth, the world beat and the avant-garde.

bluemango cdIn 2003, Richard and Francis decided to record/arrange/produce their original compositions using some gifted artists from the Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean for their first self-titled CD project. These artists' virtuosity and unique styles would not only help to define the group's colour, but the intensity of that studio experience would March 2003 herald the birth of this new regional ensemble.

The music of Bluemangó is an exotic hybrid of indigenous rhythms intensely flavoured with contemporary jazz and continues to evolve with the addition of new & exciting compositions contributed by all of the cast members.

The essence of the group’s music may well have been found in this unapologetic celebration of a shared Pan-Caribbean identity.

Currently the group’s members are Pianist Richard Payne (Saint Lucia), Bassist Francis John (Saint Lucia), Guitarist Eric Bonheur (French Guiana), Drummer Dominique Bougrainville (Martinique), Saxophonist Andre Woodvine (Barbados), Percussionist Miki Télèphe (Martinique) and Vocalist Teddyson John (Saint Lucia). Over the course of their respective careers, the group's members have performed with well known musicians such as Kassav, Andy Narell, Tanya St. Val, David Rudder, and Mario Canonge among others. Bluemangó has also opened for artistes as varied as Hugh Masakela, John Legend, Sakésho, Kenny G and Richard Bona.

The group (whose six members live in four different Caribbean Territories) continues to defy the separation by sea of its members by achieving important milestones as a working unit within and outside the Caribbean Area. Recent performance highlights include: The CMAC Jazz Festival, Saint Lucia Jazz, Lamentin Jazz Festival, Metis'Arts Festival, The Terre de Blues Festival (Marie Galante) and the Festival Vibrations Caraïbes in Paris in October 2007.

The group has also been featured on French Television RFO and is the recipient of the prestigious M&C Fine Arts Gold Award for recorded music. Bluemangó is clearly a new breed of artists quickly carving out their place within the Caribbean's rich and unique musical landscape. Bluemangó performs at Jazz in the South in Laborie, Sunday 3 May 2009.


Richard Payne: Keyboards, Francis John: Bass, Dominique Bougrainville: Drums, Eric Bonheur: Guitar, Miki Telephe: Percussion, Andre Woodvine: flute and sax, Teddyson John: Vocals

Influences: Luther François, Richard Bona, Yellowjackets, Antonio Carlos Jobim

Record Label: Independent



The Laborie Steel Pan Project is an initiative of Labowi Promotions, which started in November 2006 with the support of the National Cultural Foundation and the Poverty Reduction Fund.

Since then, the project has been able to achieve much, and more than 50 children and young adults have been trained and given the opportunity to perform.

The first appearance of the Laborie Pan Project took place in February 2007. Since then, the Project has performed on several occasions, including its first historic appearance in May 2007 at St. Jude Jazz during the 11th edition of Jazz in the South where it shared the stage with Nicole David (Saint Lucia) and Charles Labinsky (Martinique).

The Laborie pan side performed again at Jazz in the South 2008 and 2009 (Rudy John Beach Park), The Choiseul Carnival Queen Pageant show 2007 and 2008; and several celebrations and events in their home village of Laborie.

During the past years, the project has focused on training more young musicians and building a strong band able to perform in a range of situations. Pan maestro Andy Narell, Patron of Jazz in the South 2011, spent three weeks in Laborie in February and conducted training sessions with the group.

The Laborie Steel Pan Project is being coordinated by Quill Barthelmy, seconded in her tasks by parents of participants. Wilrock, a local company, is currently sponsoring the project.